Pit Stop HQ Terms of Service

Pit Stop HQ Customer Agreement

Clients and prospective clients of Pit Stop HQ, LLC agree to the following:

  • All dogs must be registered with Pit Stop HQ.
  • Only dogs considered to be well socialized and who enjoy the company of other dogs and people are suitable for joining Pit Stop HQ. (Please note that not all dogs are suitable for daycare.)
  • We socialize dogs of all sizes together at Pit Stop HQ.
  • All prospective dog guests will be interviewed, along with their owners.
  • Pit Stop HQ reserves the right to reject the application of any dog.
  • Pit Stop HQ reserves the right to refuse service and/or terminate the service contract of any owner whose dog displays aggressive behavior.
  • All dogs MUST be spayed or neutered [No Exceptions].
  • Female dogs who come into season will not be able to attend Pit Stop HQ while in season.
  • Electronic agreement or written consent is required to allow your dog to be boarded with other dogs.
  • All accepted dogs must have a current rabies vaccination certificate. We also seek distemper and bordetella.
  • All dogs accepted must be regularly wormed and de-flead.
  • We recommend bringing your dog to daycare 2-3 times per week.​ High energy dogs can benefit from more days.
  • In the unlikely event your dog is involved in an accident or an emergency Pit Stop HQ will take your dog to VSEC on Front Street unless otherwise specified.
  • Puppies from 12 weeks are welcome. Please discuss with your vet whether your puppy is age-appropriate for daycare.
  • If no payment is received, Pit Stop HQ reserves the right to refuse your dog and will contact you to inform you of this refusal.
  • Pit Stop HQ reserves the right to add or amend these terms & conditions at any time, without specific prior or advance notice to existing or prospective customers.​​

We require up to date vaccination records, please either bring with you upon check-in or contact your vet to email us your dog’s necessary medical records to be on file in case of emergency. Please have your dog fed before and after daycare. We only offer feedings to dogs under 6 months of age or if there are health considerations.


We reserve the right to refuse a dog if they are flea infested or sick. If your dog becomes ill while in our care, we will isolate him/her, until we can contact you to pick him up.


All dogs must wear a collar. We encourage nametags on the collar. Electronic and metal prong collars are not suitable for daycare. 


We follow the leash laws of Philadelphia. Every dog arriving or leaving our dog daycare must have on a leash. 


Agree and understand that in admitting my dog to Pit Stop HQ Doggie Daycare that my dog is in good health, is currently on all vaccinations and flea control and has not harmed or shown aggression or threatening behavior towards another dog and/or human. I understand that in any cageless dog environment there is an inherent risk of injury or illness from rough play and/or fights. Understanding this, I accept full responsibility and hold Pit Stop HQ harmless for any pet injury, death or damage. I agree that I am solely responsible for any harm caused by my dog while my dog is in the care of Pit Stop HQ. I agree not to hold Pit Stop HQ and their associates liable for any injuries to my dog while in the care of Pit Stop HQ. I understand if my dog shows repeated aggressive or menacing behavior that the dog will be moved to seclusion. If the behavior continues your dog may be asked to leave Pit Stop HQ Doggie Daycare. By agreeing to these terms, you acknowledge that you understand and accept the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement.


Pit Stop HQ will make every effort to contact you in any emergency situation with your dog before we transfer to a licensed veterinarian. This authorization gives associates of Pit Stop HQ Doggie Daycare the authority to act on my behalf in the event my dog needs medical attention. I, the owner, authorize a licensed veterinarian and their assistants, to administer treatment and perform procedures as are considered therapeutically and diagnostically necessary for the care of my dog, including administration of anesthesia. In the event that emergency treatment is required, I authorize the veterinary staff and their assistants to perform medical and surgical treatments necessary to preserve the life of my dog until I can be contacted for further approval. I accept full responsibility for any and all financial responsibility for the treatment that my dog receives from the licensed veterinarian and their staff. I hereby release Pit Stop HQ from any and all claims from any emergency situation.


Daycare packages purchased at Pit Stop HQ, LLC are not refundable and all daycare packages expire 6 months from the date of purchase.