If the world ACTUALLY
went to the dogs,
would it be such a
bad thing?

Full service dog boarding & pet supply off of the historic Italian Market in South Philly.  
Trust us to care for your dog with the same kindness and attention they get at home!

Hours & Pricing

Pit Stop HQ offers round-the-clock hours, reasonable rates and value pricing options. Click here for more info.

Pit Stop HQ is fully licensed, insured and bonded.

Pit Stop HQ offers convenient, full-service dog daycare with

Hourly service: drop off by 2pm

Quality All Natural Pet Supplies

Cageless Boarding in our home

NEW small dog play room

Just Like Home

No one will ever love your dog like YOU do, but our mission at Pit Stop HQ is to show our guests the same kindness, attention and care they receive at home.
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About Us.

At Pit Stop HQ, we understand that today’s busy lifestyles make it difficult to give dogs the attention, structure, training, exercise and mental stimulation necessary for happy and well-rounded lives.  We are proud to assist the growing number of dog owners who realize their canine family members require regular social interaction for a happy and well-rounded lifestyle.

“We believe every dog and every family deserve the Pit Stop HQ experience. Your dog becomes a part of our family at Pit Stop HQ, and we love giving you a happier, healthier and totally exhausted companion at the end of each day.”

Pit Stop HQ is your dog’s home away from home. Our clean, healthy, fun and nurturing environment gives dogs everything they need to have an extraordinary day.  We focus on exercise, socialization and training so when you’re reunited with your pooch at the end of the day, you’ll enjoy the company of a happier, healthier, better-behaved dog!

Like you, we realize that dogs are not just pets. Our pups are friends, companions and family members. And they’re individuals with unique personalities and needs.

We’re dedicated to our dogma of providing personalized pet care in a safe atmosphere. We strive to provide a variety of superior services that set the standard for excellent canine care, to improve the quality of your dog’s life and enhance your family’s relationship with your canine companion.
When your pup is with us, rest assured they are having fun and getting exercise with all of their furry friends at Pit Stop HQ!